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Columbia SC Rent to Own

Buyers - Columbia SC Rent to Own

Are you in the process of repairing your credit or saving for a down payment but want to purchase a home?  A Columbia SC Rent to own may be a viable option.  Giving you the ability to purchase a home and begin making rent payments towards your down payment.

Buyers - Use Real Estate Advocates to Buy Your Listed Property and get a Rebate up to $6,000


Sellers - Columbia SC Lease Options

Expand your ability to sell your home by considering a lease option.  Most Agents don't like lease options because they don't want to wait until sale finally closes to get their commission.  At the Real Estate Advocates, we believe Rent to Own and Lease options can be a great option for Sellers. 

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The Solution

When Sellers or Agents think of Rent2own prospects they generally think bad risk, credit problem persons. As with many first impressions in life, this can be false. In today’s marketplace sellers need to be more open to possibilities to sell their homes and not close doors prematurely that inhibit this option.

As with people, Rent2Owns come in all sizes and packages with some not having any credit problems at all. We shall now attempt to give objective information for people to consider. In today’s market it is harder to get financing. A Rent To Own can enable a seller to accomplish many goals.

One, it brings in a down payment that is non-refundable if the prospect does not perform. This agreed to amount can be as much as 5% of the agreed sales price. That is $10,000 on a $200,000 sales price.

Secondly, it saves the seller on insurance if the home was vacant, as vacant home insurance causes more then normal insurance.

Third it helps defray the costs of mortgage and taxes as well as insurance for the seller.

Fourth, check with your accountant about depreciation on rental properties to see any possible tax advantages.

Couple this with a potential buyer in a tough market and a chance to accomplish this without paying 6% real estate Commissions makes this an attractive alternative in a a Buyer’s market. Then you have the expense of maintenance and utilities that can now be passed on to the prospect getting this off your back. So, what type of Rent2Own person doesn’t have credit problems? Young people who have good credit but don’t have 2 years of employment history coming out of college with good jobs like Nursing or Teaching or other professions with student debt. Young people who have no history of credit that always paid cash.

Divorcees who are getting a significant divorce settlement. People who are waiting for an inheritance or lawsuit settlement are part of the people that would be looking for the Rent2Own option and are great candidates in a tight market. There are also people who can gifts from family, but do not have the employment history yet. Another possibility is a Rent2Own person who has a co-signor on the option agreement assuring that the person occupying the home will be guaranteed to get a loan within the defined period of time. So now you can see keeping an open mind can open doors for you and others!!

We do this by offering full buyer representation at a discounted commission.  After closing we'll pay you a percentage of our commission back to you.  It's completely legal, yet a practice most agents and brokers are unwilling to do.  As Realtors we believe in reasonable compensation for a fee for service model and we believe you should share in that compensation.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are currently in the process or starting the process of buying or selling a home, please contact the Real Estate Advocates to assist you in your buying or selling process. you would need to engage the Real Estate Advocates as your buying or selling agent. 

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